Hedvika Ticha: Finding Success Beyond Social Media as a Human Design Reflector

In this episode of Well Designed we had a blast interviewing, Hedvika Ticha, who is a 3/5 Reflector. Hedvika has found a way to harness her ability to mirror others through being a feminine embodiment coach and yoga instructor.

We dive into how she quit social media and found success in her business by focusing on in-person connections. We also get into the importance of understanding one's energy and natural rhythms and how your "environment" in human design can affect one's optimal operating space.

We ask and answer these questions:
  • (02:27) - When is my best time of day to work?
  • (03:40) - Is Human Design complete bullsh!t?
  • (07:35) - What is it like finding out you're a Reflector?
  • (12:23) - What does it mean for a center to be open or undefined? (Reflectors have all their centers open or undefined)
  • (14:01) - How does being a Reflector show up in your work?
  • (16:31) - How can I achieve, experience and have more by doing less?
  • (20:45) - How do you like to recharge as a Reflector?
  • (24:05) - How does the 3rd line (the 3 in her Profile) show up?
  • (25:53) - Why is 'niching down' bad business advice for some designs?
  • (27:14) - Why aren't there business coaches for Reflectors?
  • (28:37) - How can you deal with social media algorithms when your desire to make content comes and goes?
  • (33:02) - Why did Hedvika leave Instagram?
  • (35:45) - How do most of us interact with Instagram?
  • (38:21) - How do I find clients without using Instagram?
  • (40:17) - What does it mean to have 'Kitchens' as your Human Design Environment?
  • (46:55) - How do you manage your energy running your own businesses as Projectors?
  • (53:04) - How can I get in touch with Hedvika?
  • (55:35) - Outtake - How did you meet and decide to start a Human Design podcast?

About our guest, Hedvika Ticha:
Hedvika is a feminine embodiment coach for women who are career (or business) driven and also want to look and feel good. She helps her clients get out of their head and back into their body so they can feel more energized, creative and successful. She runs her business UNDO from Berlin, Germany.

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Hedvika Ticha: Finding Success Beyond Social Media as a Human Design Reflector
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