Pogo Sticks and Magnesium Baths: Our Guide To Your Root Center

In this podcast episode, we discuss how to manage stress and burnout by understanding your Root Center. We explore the differences between an open, undefined and defined Root Center in your Human Design bodygraph and how it can affect your ability to manage stress and impact those around you. We also give you some ways to identify what’s going on for you and some tips for moving through your stress.

Here's what we cover in detail (along with links to that part of the episode):
  • (01:41) - Welcome to the show
  • (02:50) - What is the Root Center?
  • (04:16) - What is the difference between a coloured in center and one that isn't?
  • (05:29) - The difference between being in your Shadow or your Wisdom
  • (10:02) - How it Brandi got out of being in the Shadow of her Open Root
  • (15:10) - Why you shouldn't act under pressure
  • (18:17) - How can you release built up stress and pressure?
  • (24:32) - What's the deal with having a defined (coloured in) Root Center?
  • (27:28) - How to move through your stress with a Defined Root
  • (31:03) - How does the Defined Root impact people with an Undefined Root?

Links to things we mentioned: 

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Brandi Healy
Brandi Healy
Co-Host of Well Designed
Pogo Sticks and Magnesium Baths: Our Guide To Your Root Center
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