Understanding the Spleen Center (Or Why You’re Scared and What The F is Intuition)

It's time to dive into the Spleen Center - and with that all things intuition, fear and wellbeing.

In this episode I, Kyle, share my experiences and insights about using intuition and the spleen as an authority for decision-making. I discuss how intuition has played a crucial role in guiding my choices and how it differs from fear.

We also talk about what it's like to have an open or undefined spleen, as Brandi does, and how that can make you more open to others fears. Brandi shares some ways she manages this and how it can actually be a superpower for understanding and supporting others.

The Spleen Center plays a big part in how we interact with others and trust ourselves, you won't want to miss this one!

Here are the questions we answer in this episode:

  • (01:45) - What is the Spleen Center in Human Design?
  • (02:30) - Where can you find the Spleen Center on your chart?
  • (04:08) - What does it mean if your spleen is undefined or open?
  • (06:54) - Why do you end up taking on others' fears as your own?
  • (10:35) - Why do we amplify the fears of those around us?
  • (11:58) - How can I move through the fears that others are putting onto me?
  • (14:09) - What are other ways you can be in the shadow of your undefined spleen?
  • (16:39) - What are the gifts of having an open or undefined spleen center?
  • (20:35) - What does it mean to have a defined spleen in Human Design?
  • (21:25) - What does it mean to 'follow your intuition'?
  • (27:18) - What does it look like to be in the shadow of your defined spleen?
  • (30:16) - How can I support someone with a defined spleen?

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Brandi Healy
Brandi Healy
Co-Host of Well Designed
Understanding the Spleen Center (Or Why You’re Scared and What The F is Intuition)
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