Understanding Your Throat Center: The Key To Impactful Communication

Welcome back to Well Designed! In this episode we’re going to talk all about the part of your design that is linked to how to how you communicate.

Whether you’re just having a convo with a friend, promoting your business online or trying to organise a workshop, your throat center’s definition will have a lot to say.

Brandi has a defined throat and Kyle has an undefined throat so we share real-life stories from both perspectives along with lots of tips for supporting yourself and others (and how to communicate best in your business and marketing too, of course!).

Grab a notepad and hit play!

  • (00:00) - Welcome to the podcast
  • (03:15) - Todays topic: The Throat Center
  • (03:47) - Why two people with the same Human Design Type can be so different
  • (06:21) - What is the Throat Center in Human Design?
  • (08:56) - What it means to have the throat center undefined or open
  • (17:28) - How people with undefined throats can help others
  • (19:24) - What it means to have your throat center defined (coloured in)
  • (25:38) - How we prepare differently for this podcast based on our throat definition
  • (28:37) - How your defined throat is influenced by your other centers
  • (33:23) - When the throat is connected to the ego
  • (36:04) - Stay tuned for our free workshop

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Brandi Healy
Brandi Healy
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Understanding Your Throat Center: The Key To Impactful Communication
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