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In this podcast episode, hosts Brandi Healy and Kyle Wood discuss their backgrounds, their experiences with burnout, and their journeys with human design. They also express their desire to help others find alignment and success by being their unique selves and using human design as a tool. The hosts plan to bring on guests to talk about how they embody their design in their businesses and how it shows up differently for each of them.

Kyle and Brandi talk about the importance of creating unique businesses that reflect the individuality of the owner, rather than following a prescribed formula. They also mention the shift in the online space from leaders who invite experimentation and reflection to experts who tell people what to do without accounting for individual differences. The hosts hope to empower listeners to find success on their own terms and feel good about their businesses and personal lives.

Brandi and Kyle also share a reading Kyle did on Kelly Slater, a professional surfer and entrepreneur, who is a manifesting generator with a 4/6 profile. They plan to dive deeper into their own designs in future episodes and explore how their designs operate in partnership with each other.

Key Points:
  • Brandi Healy and Kyle Wood discuss their entrepreneurial journeys and how they integrate human design into their businesses and personal lives.
  • Human design helps people find alignment and success by tapping into their unique selves.
  • The podcast aims to help listeners become full-blown versions of themselves and find their own success.
  • Future episodes will feature guests discussing how they embody their human design in their businesses.
  • Kyle Wood discusses Kelly Slater's human design and how it played a role in his surfing career.

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Brandi Healy
Brandi Healy
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